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The Niemon tale of Kurosawa Shoyuten

Kurosawa Shoyuten"Niemon offers extremely good soy sauce. " It was in 1905 (year 38 of Meiji era), just after Niemon started his grain distributor business when he quickly earned a reputation in the neighborhood.

Niemon was an extraordinary man who would not only use the stored grain to make products such as miso and soy sauce. But would happily give it away to his neighbors, which was a great deal, as in the time back then, everyone was far from being wealthy. The people were overjoyed by the generous gift. Niemon was simply passionate in making the people around him happy.

Making miso or soy sauce requires a lot of work. It is not something you can do without receiving something in return. But not the case for Niemon. He just kept on making it for the people, as their joy was his joy.

Soon the people started to say his charming personality and the soy sauce filled with his passion were both "Best in Japan". They named his soy sauce "Fuji-ni" taking Fuji from Mountain Fuji to describe "The best soy sauce in Japan made my Niemon", and the people have been in love with it ever since.


Jinichi Kurosawa (The fourth generation) Kurosawa Shoyuten Co., Ltd.<Who we are>We are a soy sauce manufacturing company founded back in 1906. In the Edo era, Niemon started off as an owner of a massive grain farm, and his son, Unosuke grew the business into a grain distributing company, and the business was further helped by his grandson, Ushinosuke who started selling "Niemon's in house produced soy sauce".
After becoming a soy sauce manufacturer, the tradition has been carried on by Tomio the second, Masayuki the third, then to Jinichi the fourth.

<The traditional barrel cherished by human and nature>The soy sauce we provide are made through a natural brewing process, using wooden barrels like we always have from the very beginning. Over the years, certain yeast fungus and lactic acid bacterias have come to live in these barrels which bring us our traditional flavour. The products are aged long, well breathing in the four seasons before being bottled up.

<Balance of tradition and innovation>While soy sauce brewing will stay as our primary focus, we are always eager to develop new products deriving from soy sauce, such as soup base, dressings, or sweets. We will continuously thrive to be better, following our mission in bringing joy and pleasure to your table.

Jinichi Kurosawa (The fourth generation)
Kurosawa Shoyuten Co., Ltd.

Omotenashi, the heart of hospitality

Kurosawa Shoyuten Co., Ltd.The warehouse, Kura, has been with us since the very beginning, which was remodeled into a cozy lounge, where the customers can feel at home when they receive their products. You will feel the long history by looking up at the thick wooden beams which have turned black over the years. The white plastered walls and the warm light from the lamp create a nostalgic atmosphere. The lounge has a modern taste. Keeping the old touches, we display all the soy sauce labels in order hoping to walk you through our 100 years of history as Kurosawa Shoyuten.

Company Information

Company name Kurosawa Shoyuten Co., Ltd.
Representive Jinichi Kurosawa (The fourth generation)
Founded Meiji 38(1905)
Location 〒312-0012
1260 Mawatari Hitachinaka city Ibaraki prefecture
Tel 029-272-3776 (Japanese only)
Fax 029-275-4041
Business hours Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM
Web http://www.fujini-shouyu.co.jp
E-Mail kurosawa@fujini-shouyu.co.jp (Japanese)
gso-consulting@outlook.jp (English)
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/
On line shop https://fujini-shouyu.ocnk.net

Product Introduction

Amazake made by duck cultivation rice Koji (900ml/1bottle)

Amazake made by duck cultivation rice KojiWe use natural duck cultivation rice Koshihikari, cultivated without using any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. It is straight sweet sake to drink as it is. No additive, no alcohol, no sugar.

* The label changes according to the season.
* Amazake=Japanese sweet drink made from fermented rice

Hishiogura Soy sauce (Saishikomi) (1000ml)

Hishiogura Soy sauce (Saishikomi) Two-stage preparation to add materials to non-heat-treated soy sauce which has been aged. It is a deep rich and mellow soy sauce made over two years.

Niemon (Marudaizu Soy Sause) (300ml)

Niemon (Marudaizu Soy Sause)It is a soy sauce has long been fermented and matured naturally using a cedar bowl that is carefully selected materials from Ibaraki. It was brewed by the re-preparation method as to bring out the balance of the original taste, smell and color of whole soybeans.

Salinity: 15%

Soy sauce malt made by raw malt

Soy sauce malt made by raw maltOld shops collaboration (Kurosawa ×Uchiyama Kinsei). Please add a spoonful of this soy sauce to your regular dishes. It comes with a new twist! It is recommended for stir and fried foods or dressing!

Soy sauce ice cream

Soy sauce ice creamExquisite collaboration of soy sauce and vanilla. It is a special product of soy sauce sweets that the Kurosawa soy sauce shop has concocted.

Amazake Soy sauce ice cream

Amazake Soy sauce ice creamAmazake, soy sauce and vanilla “3 flavors” are exquisitely mixed. It has a rich and thick taste.

Ponzu soy sauce ice cream

Ponzu soy sauce ice creamThe refreshing acidity and richness of ponzu soy sauce mixed with vanilla ice cream. It has an exquisite taste with a balance of sweetness and acidity.

*Ponzu= Ponzu sauce is made of soy sauce with citrus juice.

Smoked soy sauce

Amazake Soy sauce ice creamWe used locally selected soybeans and wheat. Using a cedar wooden barrel that has been passed down for generations, we smoked soy sauce with domestic cherry wood chips, based on soy sauce that has been aged for a long time. Please enjoy the scent of cherry tree and the flavor and taste of soy sauce.


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Contact Information

Tel 029-272-3776 (Japanese only)
Monday to Saturday / 9 am to 6 pm
Fax 029-275-4041 (always)
E-Mail kurosawa@fujini-shouyu.co.jp (Japanese)
gso-consulting@outlook.jp (English)

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1260 Mawatari Hitachinaka city Ibaraki prefecture